We’re on the look out for a team of ambassadors willing to fly the Extreme Labs Flag! If you’ve used our products and achieved results to be proud of, we want to know about it! Just send an email with your information and a picture showing what you’ve achieved using Extreme Labs products. If you make it on to our team of Ambassadors you’ll receive a goody bag of Extreme Labs products worth £50!
If you think you’ve got what it takes to become an Extreme Labs Ambassador just send us your name and a photo to:-

Carl Ruston

Carl Ruston NABBA Mr Britain Masters Winner 2014 [More]

Marc Davis

I’ve been training for 7 years now. Started at a “skinny fat” 9 stone and [More]

Greg Newlands

Greg has been using our products for around 12 months and [More]

Conrad Norman

Conrad was advised by his personal trainer to purchase T9 Black Fury Fat Burners [More]

Jarad Hinnem

Jarad Hinnem is a true fitness FREAK and along with our new gal Jess Rachael… [More]

The Hursts

Graham and Leanne Hurst have been training for around six years [More]


Karl Rowlett

Karl keeps his food intake very clean, and principally bases his meals around…[More]

Scott Milne

Scott has been training since 2010 and has already established [More]

Robert Macgillivray

We’re not sure if Robert Macgillivray was inspired by ‘The Austrian Oak’ to start [More]

Adam Brindley

Adam has trained in Karate and martial arts since he was 7 years old and [More]


Jessica Rachael

Jessica can remind us all of the incredible things we can achieve when [More]

Roger Barnes

Roger Barnes has a mixed background and has been hitting the weights for over [More]

Jay Moore

Jay Moore

During his younger years, Jay was naturally very skinny and had low muscle mass… [More]

Andrew Jameson

Andrew hails from Sunny Sunderland and is a trainer and franchise owner of [More]

Elnan Noval

El Noval has a great competitive record and we’re looking forward to supporting him [More]

Chris Cavanagh

Chris has been through the mill for various reasons over the last four years [More]

Danny Grogan

Danny Grogan is a competitive bodybuilder and he’s in pretty awesome shape. [More]

Laura Marr

Laura is 23 years old, from Newcastle and OUR FIRST FEMALE Extreme Labs [More]

Callum Taylor

Congratulations to Callum Tayor Open Mr Northumbria Winner 2014 [More]

Abbas Ali

Like many guys, Abbas started training as he was a little on the small side and wanted [More]