Weight Management

Weight Management Levels Explained

Weight Management Levels Explained

Level 1 -2 – Not for us.
Level 3 – First time users that want results
Level 4 – Intermediate users that use fat burners seasonally
Level 5 – Advanced hardcore stimulant users of fat burners

There are 5 different levels of fat burners to choose from when considering which fat burner is right for you.

Level 1 and 2 Fat Burners are typically CLA / raspberry ketone based product that we don’t do simply because they don’t work!

Level 3 Fat Burners are where we start with T5 Dominate; this product is suitable for male or female first time users of fat burners that want to lose weight in a safe and controlled manor with very minimal side effects.

Level 4 Fat Burners are where most people that have used fat burners in the past need to be. T6 Storm is a thermogenic based fat burner that will help you lose fat and unwanted water retention faster than any level 1, 2, or 3 fat burner

Level 5 Fat Burners are for advanced users normally the hardcore gym rat that cycle their supplements and training regimes and have already had experience with super strong, stimulant based fat burners in the past. T9 Black Fury is not for the faint hearted hence it has a top ‘Level 5’ classification.


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